Just wanted to add that this morning we rode our bikes downtown. Stopped at Liz’s condo and picked her up and we all rode down to the Schooner Wharf Bar for breakfast. Had a great time. This is one of our favorite places because we can take Sparky along with us. So… what is so great that I had to write about it… well two years ago we took Sparky along with us for a sailboat cruise.. he got sea sick. Two years later he still won’t walk along the pier. He put his breaks on and I the only way I could have made him move was to drag him.. thus causing doggie spliters in his little paws. I laughed so loud I am sure people thought I was not quite right… and mean to my dog as well. We left Liz and rode the bikes home against the wind of course. Finally made it back and our butts were very sore. Ha! One long bike ride a year doesn’t count I am sure.


I received a call today from my sister.. wanting to know why I haven’t updated the blog.  No excuses.. just lazy on my part.

We have been playing Wii, Washers, and eating.  texas-holdemI even played in a Texas Hold-em tournament.   It will take me a year to get over this vacation.  Riding the bikes 1/4 mile over to visit Joyce doesn’t count as exercise. Don’t think Wii bowling counts either.  I Iowe Denise some sunset pictures and here they are.




Big concert today.  Dave Aaron a former street performer here in Key West brought his band back to Key West and put on a concert for us all here at Sigsbee.  Food, Beer, Friends… doesn’t get much better.  Very cool.  I even got a free CD.

Great Show!

Great Show!

Joyce called me today wantinng me to tell some of her guests about the Everglades.  As most of you know I love visiting the Everglades and was glad to comply.  After she heard my spiel she wanted me to tell John all about it so they could visit on their way north as well.  I gave away all my maps and brochures to the couple.. so now Ray has to pick up some for us to send to Joyce and John.

Liz has made reservations for us girls to see Bitch Slap Friday night.  It is being put on at the waterfront theater downtown.  I am suppose to find a place for us to have dinner.  Joyce, Liz and I all share birthdays in April.

Best score ever.

Best score ever.

Fun in the afternoon.  "A nooner???"

Fun in the afternoon. “A nooner???”

Just so you know I do have cheese to go with my whine.  It has been cold here and we have had to dig out what warm clothes we can find.  Even managed to stay inside the rig all night lately.  Of course this will change as soon as the weather does.  The day started out warm and sunny.. now it seems the weather has again turned.  Cloudy outside right now and the temp has dropped a least 10 degrees.

Ray and I went Wii bowling is this afternoon.  I had my best score ever.  Amazing.  I really think this is an amazing time to be alive.  I just love technology.  Favorite saying is.. “If it takes batteries, I am going to like it”

Last night we went to a Pasta night pot luck.  Great time.  I made a double batch of Turkey Tetrazzini to use up some frozen turkey leftovers provided by Joyce.  I kicked up the recipe a notch and it went over very well.

Joyce and I came back to the motorhome and played wii till our arms were tired.  Showed her Mario Kart and she finally got to 7th place before our arms gave out.  I still want to try to connect to the internet here to play with my sister at home.  Now… that would be cool.

Spoke with Denise from work today.  They miss me!  I miss them too.  Looking forward to getting back to work.  Ray not so much.  I know I have said it before.. but I am really blessed that I have been given the opturnity to join Ray here in Key West for a bit of the winter.  I know it means more to him than I can explain.  Denise requested some sunset pictures so I will get on that.

Tonight is game night.  Tim is back… he was missing for two days.. and he wants to come and play dominoes.  Really breaks my heart.  He seems to go along doing well… then he just bottoms out.

Still haven’t made it to the beach.  Guess that should be on the agenda tomorrow.

Miss you guys.

This is  the picture I managed to take of Brian flying overhead.

H-C130.  Brian was flying the plane

H-C130. Brian was flying the plane



Tuesday night I finally got to the female impersonator show!  Very funny.  Really had a great time.  Six of us women folk from the campground descended on Aqua for the Drag Show.  Best part was the group of Navy pilots in attendance.  Some of them were just down right uncomfortable. Ha! Ray chickened out and I had a great time with the girls.

Wednesday,  The weather has really turned cold here.  We had to drag out the long pants and sweat shirts.   Ray and Tim sang a few songs at Karaoke but Dairy Queen was calling.  We grabbed Joyce and headed out for an ice cream run.  Slept inside all night.  Woke up with the covers all wrapped around me.  COLD.

Thursday,  Ran some errands with Liz.  Lunch then we went to see the movie Milk.  Interesting but not for everyone.  Sean Penn did a great job of being just queenie enough.  Down to the sunset lounge for sunset watching and a pina coloda.  Line dancing classes going on… too cold to enjoy.  We finally came home to watch a bit of TV and to add some heat to the motorhome prior to us turning in for the night.

I have been going to the chiropractor for my back.  Had a pain I couldn’t get rid of since my surgery.  He has releaved most of the pain.  This is my first experience with a chiropractor and I am pleased with the results thus far.  I can finally wash my hair without pain and sit up in bed to read.

Brian called this morning to let me know he was scheduled to do a fly over Key West today at 1300. We drove over to Boca Chica to see if we could catch the event. Ray went into the Operations Building to see if they would tell us when this would happen. As luck would have it.. while Ray was inside he flew over! He was so low I could have counted the lug nuts in the wheels. Very cool. Ray did catch the second turn over the airfield. I was surprised by the first flyover but did manage to take a picture from afar. Received a call from Brian around 5pm. Yep, it was him. I asked if he saw me waving at him. Nope. He was flying the plane. Pretty cool thing for me to experience. I was jazzed. Other than this bit of excitement we just hung out for the day.

I spent most of yesterday sewing a purse. Yes, me. Joyce and I went over to Liz’s house and spent the day just hanging out sewing. Liz is quite the seamstress and teacher.

Well worth the time.

Well worth the time.

With her expert tutoring I completed the purse/bag in only six hours. She wouldn’t let me quit till I had completed the bag. We did get to take a small break for lunch. She is very patient and talented. Thanks!

Joyce had asked John to cook us dinner and deliver it with Ray in tow at 6.pm. Great idea! John showed up without Ray but with food.., he had to run back to the base and pick him up. Good thing because it gave me more time to work on the purse. Dinner was great, BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes/gravy and brownies. John likes to cook.


All went well until John went back to the truck to fetch Ray’s scotch. Somehow he tripped and fell cracking his head on the pavement.


Lucky for Ray he managed to not drop Ray’s single malt in the process.

Today we stopped at Sandys to pick-up a Cuban Mix sub. I think this is the best sandwich shop on the island. Sandys shares it’s space with a Laundry mat. Orders can be put in from either the laundry mat side or the street side. The building has apartments on the second floor as well. Just an example of well utilized space here on the key. We took our sandwiches down to the beach to enjoy a nice lunch in the sun.

Great Sandwiches

Great Sandwiches

After lunch we took a walk downtown so I could pick up that “Life is Crap” shirt that I just had to have. (Picture inserted) Just loved these shirts poking fun at life’s little annoyances.

Press one for English.. Argh...

Press one for English.. Argh...

Tonight is the Superbowl. I am going to make us some chili and we are just going to enjoy the game. GO STEELERS!! Don’t really care who wins but Wade , my Teddy’s best friend,  is a Steelers fan so I will go root for them.

Joyce made us a desert to enjoy after the game. Chocolate eclaire cake. Woo Hoo! Joyce just stopped by sharing her windfall of vegetables from Florida city. Lucky me! Oranges/Strawberries/tomatoes. She tried to get me to take some radishes but I wasn’t falling for that one.

Lot has happned since I posted last. I will try to catch up.

After leaving Brian’s house we headed south at a breakneck speed. Neither Sparky nor I enjoyed the long day/night on the road. Sparky does not travel well and tends to get himself all worked up. The only way he would remain somewhat calm was for me to lay on the bed in the back while we were moving. I think it is because he can’t see out the windows and it was dark. We finally stopped for a couple of hours at a truckstop. I haven’t a clue where we were, just that it was dark out side and I had no reason to leave the coach. Ray and Tim grabbed a few hours rest and then we were off again. They wanted to be in the everglades by morning.

Quick stop for some quick cash!

Quick stop for some quick cash!

I did get Ray to stop at the Indian Casino so I could make a donation. Last time we stopped there I couldn’t find a open machine. It was 4am when we stopped and maybe 50 people were playing at that time. I bounced from machine to machine. No fishies! (my sister and my favorite). Finally settled down and played a bit and won $100. Of course it took $40 to win that but.. I stopped while ahead. Off again. Only a hour left till we get to stop.

Tim had never been here and I really wanted to share my enthusiasm for the Everglades with him. We drove down to Flamingo camping area and it really has been cleaned up since the last time we visited. The hurricane really destroyed this campground and it was nice to see it was now up and running. We stopped at interest points on the way back and then drove up to Royal Palm to see more alligators up close. There were lots of alligators but not too many water foul to be seen. More wildlife can be seen in April but Tim had a great time.

Key West..
When Ray and I pulled into the campground I was READY to get out of the mortorhome. Ray disconnected the car and we went in to register for our site.. soon after I took off in the car to see my friend Joyce. I had my cell so I could call Ray and find out where he had parked the rig. Seemed like a nice location. Small stand of pines provided shade. Close enough to the waterpoint that we wouldn’t have to move to take on water. John, Joyce’s husband, has a blue boy and will let us use it weekly so Ray won’t have to move at all! We put up a small tent so Tim has some privacy. Pulled out all the chairs. Set up the Wii. We were home! All was well, until 2:30 am.. remember that nice stand of pines. Well.. it is home for the Roosters!! and they can’t tell time!! They crowed at 2:30, 3:00, 4:15, then finally sunrise. We are learning to live with this morning ritual.

So far I have kept busy with lunches, dinners, bowling on the wii, and Karaoke for Ray.

Took this picture this morning at sunrise.   Thought it was too far gone but the picture turned out great.

First morning in Key West

First morning in Key West

I am off for a day with Joyce and Liz. Liz is going to try to teach me how to sew a beach bag. Should be a treat.