Three years ago we bought a 5th Wheel Trailer.  We really enjoyed camping when we were younger and both enjoy seeing different places.  We like meeting people at campgrounds and just chilling in the outdoors.   Next came the “plan” to take a BIG trip across the United States. 

Our first thought was we would “full-time” for a year. (live in the trailer and rent or sell our house)  After some deeper thoughts on just what that would mean we (insert Marty) decided we just were not ready to get rid of all our stuff.  So… we thought maybe just a few long trips, with returns to the house for decompressing.  

The original agreement was for me (Marty again) to resign from my job in early January and hit the road.  The thought of not working, and no paycheck, really freaked me out.  So…the “new” plan is I am taking a 90 day sabbatical from my position and then I will return to work.  This was/is the best compromise we could come up with, so that is the plan and we are sticking to it.  

We are both retired from the U.S. Army (Marty-Reserves & Ray – Active) and will be staying at Military campgrounds when possible.  (Ray just can’t let go)  Ray retired for the second time on the 3rd of January from The Department of Homeland Security.  I work for the Army as a civilian employee, Data Management, in the Washington DC metro area.

We “should” be leaving Virginia no later than the 15th of January.  Come back and visit us here again for updates. 







One Response to “About”

  1. Mary Ann Rileyu Says:

    Good evening. Hope all is well. We are planning on going to KW this winter, come hell or high water…. Fred got a clean bill of health from the cat scan ( except for a blood clot of the lung) which is being treated. The cancer is gone…. Are leaving in the am for
    Naples Fl waiting for the birth of our first grandchild… I have waited a long time for the title of Grandma.. Plan on leaving NJ mid
    November for KW… Safe travels Mary Ann

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