Ray and I finally stopped by Sandys for sandwiches.  We took them to the beach so we could enjoy the ocean view and visit a bit with some of the folks from Trombo.  They have small Class C motorcoaches and they drive them over to Truman Annex each morning and spend the day just chilling in the sun.  It was nice to catch up a bit.  We will have to go back later in the week.

Friday night we attended the pre half marathon event.  Free beer and appetizers!!  (Pinch me… because this sure sounds like a Legion Conference)  All we have to do for all this and a free t-shirt is get up early and help pass water to the runners.  (Even managed to acquire an extra t-shirt for my sister; thanks to Saundra)  This is our fifth year supporting this event.    Only one person in our group won a door prize.. wasn’t anything but a t-shirt but they were winners non the less. 

Ray and John were still hungry after all the assignments were passed out and all the food was gone so we headed off to Post 28.  They have a great steak dinner, hmmm just like at home.   Joyce and I saved ourselves for a Dairy Queen. 

Weather was starting to warm up so I had a pretty fitful night.

Today, Saturday,got up VERY early and I accompanied  Ray to watch the sun rise.  Not all that great but took a couple of pictures anyway.  I did take one of a volunteer Australian Pine.  They have cut most of these down here on the island but this little guy was fighting for it’s life. 

We also went to the flea market.  Ray really enjoys this… AND he managed to get out without purchasing a t-shirt!  This is a first.  Ray has quite a t-shirt collection and always wants just one more.  I did find a cute shirt we wanted to get for my sister but the brand/quality wasn’t very good.  Shirt stated.  “Wine me up; and watch me go”  Something Ray takes great pleasure in.. 

Stopped on Sugar Loaf Key on the way back to see the Worlds Largest Bathouse”  According to John…but his lips were moving.  We didn’t get back till after 2pm.

Dinner tonight was with the Joyce and John,  Cindy and Cliff and one straggler too.  We had Ruben Sandwiches.  Yum.

Sitting at the laundry mat doing our delicate stuff.  Ray is home watching Fox News.  Tomorrow is an early day, Race Day, and Joyce is coming by at 6am to pick me up so we can be in place for the runners.

Not sure if this sounds like I have been as busy as I feel… but I need a nap!