Spent the evening at the Red Barn watching Women Who Steal

Can’t get over how fast time flys here.  Arrived almost a week ago and have been running ever since.  So far we have managed to have a cuban mix sandwich, cuban breakfast sandwich… and dinner with Joyce and John a couple of times.  I still go to visit her at the Navy Lodge in the mornings for coffee and a quick read of the local paper.

We did have a few people over last night for dinner and we then went to a play at the Red Barn Dinner Theater.  This is in one of the oldest buildings in Key West. 

Went downtown today with my friend Liz.  We had lunch outside at Fogertys and then we went to see Up in the Air with George Clooney.. he sure is cute.  Lunch was good , movie… well… not a happy one that is for sure.

Tonight we had a potluck with our “washer playing” friends.  It always surprises me when there is such a perfect mix of food with no prior planning.  Nice group of people.  Great food. 

Tomorrow is the first meeting of the volunteers that assist with the half marathon.  Looking forward to that.

So far I haven’t seen a sunset.  Know it happens because it gets dark.. just haven’t been where I can catch the show or take any pictures.  Will need to do that soon.  The sunsets here are beautiful.