This is the greeting that awaits your arrival in Key West.  Hmm… very strange. 

It has been an eventful 24hrs.  Starting with my inability to send a VERY important email yesterday morning.  Wouldn’t go through from my desktop… tried to send via my BB and still wouldn’t go out… Of course it didn’t bounce.. just didn’t get delivered.  Hmmm…  Tried to send via my iPhone.. nope.  You have got to be kidding me right.  These are the documents needed to kick off this years American Legion Boys State program.  Ok… deep breath… I will do it on Saturday morning.. or so I thought. 

Let me go back to my arrival.  Ray didn’t know I was coming and Joyce, John and I surprised him.  That was nice.  Had a LOVELY dinner at El Siboney my favorite place in KW.  Went back to Joyce and Johns.. stayed for a short bit.. John had a WONDERFUL present for Ray.  He had located two single malt scotch glasses and then made a special box to store them in.  Ray was really surprised and touched by this gesture of friendship.  I was pooped so we left early. 

Woke up to 79 degrees!  Not really that hot but remember I just left 40 degree weather.  Walked down to Joyces for coffee.  Great start of the day. 

Back to trying to send email.  Logged into the wifi here in the campground.. wouldn’t send… took my laptop to the rec center.. wouldn’t send.  I did tell you the HAD to go our right???  Finally sent an email via exite webmail to hosting service.  They helped me adjust the outgoing port and authentication method.  Woo Hoo!  I could finally send!!

Last frustrating moment.. the Generator wouldn’t start.  You need to understand that this means No Air!  No Microwave!  No TV!!  No Wii!!  But even more important.. no charging the batteries that provide us with lights in the evenings.

Lucky for us the guy next door had the same type of generator and knew how to help.  After an hour or so of surging it is finally running smoothly.  Great place to be if you need assistance with stuff.  Next on the repair list is the waterheater.. runs on electric but not gas.  Not a good thing if you are dry camping.

We are heading out to the Sun Set Lounge here on base soon  for dinner and some 50/60s music.