Just wanted to add that this morning we rode our bikes downtown. Stopped at Liz’s condo and picked her up and we all rode down to the Schooner Wharf Bar for breakfast. Had a great time. This is one of our favorite places because we can take Sparky along with us. So… what is so great that I had to write about it… well two years ago we took Sparky along with us for a sailboat cruise.. he got sea sick. Two years later he still won’t walk along the pier. He put his breaks on and I the only way I could have made him move was to drag him.. thus causing doggie spliters in his little paws. I laughed so loud I am sure people thought I was not quite right… and mean to my dog as well. We left Liz and rode the bikes home against the wind of course. Finally made it back and our butts were very sore. Ha! One long bike ride a year doesn’t count I am sure.