I received a call today from my sister.. wanting to know why I haven’t updated the blog.  No excuses.. just lazy on my part.

We have been playing Wii, Washers, and eating.  texas-holdemI even played in a Texas Hold-em tournament.   It will take me a year to get over this vacation.  Riding the bikes 1/4 mile over to visit Joyce doesn’t count as exercise. Don’t think Wii bowling counts either.  I Iowe Denise some sunset pictures and here they are.




Big concert today.  Dave Aaron a former street performer here in Key West brought his band back to Key West and put on a concert for us all here at Sigsbee.  Food, Beer, Friends… doesn’t get much better.  Very cool.  I even got a free CD.

Great Show!

Great Show!

Joyce called me today wantinng me to tell some of her guests about the Everglades.  As most of you know I love visiting the Everglades and was glad to comply.  After she heard my spiel she wanted me to tell John all about it so they could visit on their way north as well.  I gave away all my maps and brochures to the couple.. so now Ray has to pick up some for us to send to Joyce and John.

Liz has made reservations for us girls to see Bitch Slap Friday night.  It is being put on at the waterfront theater downtown.  I am suppose to find a place for us to have dinner.  Joyce, Liz and I all share birthdays in April.