Best score ever.

Best score ever.

Fun in the afternoon.  "A nooner???"

Fun in the afternoon. “A nooner???”

Just so you know I do have cheese to go with my whine.  It has been cold here and we have had to dig out what warm clothes we can find.  Even managed to stay inside the rig all night lately.  Of course this will change as soon as the weather does.  The day started out warm and sunny.. now it seems the weather has again turned.  Cloudy outside right now and the temp has dropped a least 10 degrees.

Ray and I went Wii bowling is this afternoon.  I had my best score ever.  Amazing.  I really think this is an amazing time to be alive.  I just love technology.  Favorite saying is.. “If it takes batteries, I am going to like it”

Last night we went to a Pasta night pot luck.  Great time.  I made a double batch of Turkey Tetrazzini to use up some frozen turkey leftovers provided by Joyce.  I kicked up the recipe a notch and it went over very well.

Joyce and I came back to the motorhome and played wii till our arms were tired.  Showed her Mario Kart and she finally got to 7th place before our arms gave out.  I still want to try to connect to the internet here to play with my sister at home.  Now… that would be cool.

Spoke with Denise from work today.  They miss me!  I miss them too.  Looking forward to getting back to work.  Ray not so much.  I know I have said it before.. but I am really blessed that I have been given the opturnity to join Ray here in Key West for a bit of the winter.  I know it means more to him than I can explain.  Denise requested some sunset pictures so I will get on that.

Tonight is game night.  Tim is back… he was missing for two days.. and he wants to come and play dominoes.  Really breaks my heart.  He seems to go along doing well… then he just bottoms out.

Still haven’t made it to the beach.  Guess that should be on the agenda tomorrow.

Miss you guys.

This is  the picture I managed to take of Brian flying overhead.

H-C130.  Brian was flying the plane

H-C130. Brian was flying the plane