We made it to Brian’s finally.  Seems the GPS took us the back route.  Nice scenery along the way. 

Sparky didn’t like the trip through South Carolina, we finally had to give him some medicine to sedate him.  He has a tendency to hyperventilate and aspirate into his lungs.  {pant heavily} He was stoned for 10 hours. 

Finally got to Georgia, pulled into a campground.. hopped out … shut the door… went inside to register… came out.. Ooops the door locked.  RATS!!  After failing to find a locksmith within commuting distance that would agree to come and assist we popped the window. and shoved Tim through it so we could get out of the cold.

Good news is Tim and I were able to fix the window quite easily.  We will have to replace the screen we sliced once we settle in Key West.  Whew!

We have fixed and cleaned and assisted with all we can to get Brian set to go.  At this point we are kind of in the way.  We have a key.  I have given him LOTS of hugs.  I even acquired Laura’s phone number so I can support her when he is gone.

We really enjoyed getting to know Brian’s girlfriend Laura.  She really is quite sweet and attractive to boot.  She seems to have a way with Brian that makes he happy to see.  We just finished lunch with them both and are now “fixing” to head further south.  Can’t beleave I didn’t take any pictures…  Well, Ray is waiting, so I will close for now.