Wow.. time sure flies.  Here it is another winter.  And.. Yes, they again are letting me take some time to spend with Ray in the sun.  I am SO very lucky to be working where I am and have the upper management that supports my adventures.  Sure makes working there a pleasure and you can’t buy with money the loyalty that this support procures.

Original plan for was for me to fly into and out of Key West for the month of February.  All wheels were greased.  I had lots to do.  Really kinda looking forward to Ray leaving and me having a couple of weeks to myself.  Legion commitments to address.. and then the phone rang.  Brian, our youngest, is being deployed.  He will be on the ground in country by the end of the month.  Check rides to accomplish.  Personal business and household bills to align.  This will be his first live mission since becoming a pilot.  He is excited.  I am the mom… so.. not so much

Spoke with my boss.  Talked with my Legion headquarters.  Family first!  We are leaving Friday to assist Brian with last minute details he needs assistance accomplishing.  Hugging him tightly, and wishing him well, and praying for him to come home safely.

Tim will be coming along with us this winter.  That should help me with coming up with some good stories.  Tim is Ray’s oldest.  He is staying with us for the winter.  He hasn’t been to Key West, and we haven’t tried to have three people in the motorhome yet..

I spoke with my buddy Joyce today and there were only 25 spaces left at Sigsbee.  Sure hope I don’t have to go to Trumbo for dry camping.  Yes, it is closer to downtown.  But, my friends are at Sigsbee as well as the PX and RV activity room.  If we are downtown I just know Ray will insist that I ride the bike back and forth.   Going to try to weasel out of the marathon ride around island this year.

Still packing and trying to tie up loose ends.  Got all my Boys State stuff off to the printer.  Obtained a PO box in Key West so I can have stuff forwarded there.  Ray is dropping of video’s for the new guidance counselors at my High Schools.  Laundry done.  All my electronic toys charged and ready.  I should have lots to keep me busy on the ride down to Brian’s house.  Our first stop.

Will post more once we hit the road.  Just wanted to give those that are looking something to read for now.