January 2009

Lot has happned since I posted last. I will try to catch up.

After leaving Brian’s house we headed south at a breakneck speed. Neither Sparky nor I enjoyed the long day/night on the road. Sparky does not travel well and tends to get himself all worked up. The only way he would remain somewhat calm was for me to lay on the bed in the back while we were moving. I think it is because he can’t see out the windows and it was dark. We finally stopped for a couple of hours at a truckstop. I haven’t a clue where we were, just that it was dark out side and I had no reason to leave the coach. Ray and Tim grabbed a few hours rest and then we were off again. They wanted to be in the everglades by morning.

Quick stop for some quick cash!

Quick stop for some quick cash!

I did get Ray to stop at the Indian Casino so I could make a donation. Last time we stopped there I couldn’t find a open machine. It was 4am when we stopped and maybe 50 people were playing at that time. I bounced from machine to machine. No fishies! (my sister and my favorite). Finally settled down and played a bit and won $100. Of course it took $40 to win that but.. I stopped while ahead. Off again. Only a hour left till we get to stop.

Tim had never been here and I really wanted to share my enthusiasm for the Everglades with him. We drove down to Flamingo camping area and it really has been cleaned up since the last time we visited. The hurricane really destroyed this campground and it was nice to see it was now up and running. We stopped at interest points on the way back and then drove up to Royal Palm to see more alligators up close. There were lots of alligators but not too many water foul to be seen. More wildlife can be seen in April but Tim had a great time.

Key West..
When Ray and I pulled into the campground I was READY to get out of the mortorhome. Ray disconnected the car and we went in to register for our site.. soon after I took off in the car to see my friend Joyce. I had my cell so I could call Ray and find out where he had parked the rig. Seemed like a nice location. Small stand of pines provided shade. Close enough to the waterpoint that we wouldn’t have to move to take on water. John, Joyce’s husband, has a blue boy and will let us use it weekly so Ray won’t have to move at all! We put up a small tent so Tim has some privacy. Pulled out all the chairs. Set up the Wii. We were home! All was well, until 2:30 am.. remember that nice stand of pines. Well.. it is home for the Roosters!! and they can’t tell time!! They crowed at 2:30, 3:00, 4:15, then finally sunrise. We are learning to live with this morning ritual.

So far I have kept busy with lunches, dinners, bowling on the wii, and Karaoke for Ray.

Took this picture this morning at sunrise.   Thought it was too far gone but the picture turned out great.

First morning in Key West

First morning in Key West

I am off for a day with Joyce and Liz. Liz is going to try to teach me how to sew a beach bag. Should be a treat.


We made it to Brian’s finally.  Seems the GPS took us the back route.  Nice scenery along the way. 

Sparky didn’t like the trip through South Carolina, we finally had to give him some medicine to sedate him.  He has a tendency to hyperventilate and aspirate into his lungs.  {pant heavily} He was stoned for 10 hours. 

Finally got to Georgia, pulled into a campground.. hopped out … shut the door… went inside to register… came out.. Ooops the door locked.  RATS!!  After failing to find a locksmith within commuting distance that would agree to come and assist we popped the window. and shoved Tim through it so we could get out of the cold.

Good news is Tim and I were able to fix the window quite easily.  We will have to replace the screen we sliced once we settle in Key West.  Whew!

We have fixed and cleaned and assisted with all we can to get Brian set to go.  At this point we are kind of in the way.  We have a key.  I have given him LOTS of hugs.  I even acquired Laura’s phone number so I can support her when he is gone.

We really enjoyed getting to know Brian’s girlfriend Laura.  She really is quite sweet and attractive to boot.  She seems to have a way with Brian that makes he happy to see.  We just finished lunch with them both and are now “fixing” to head further south.  Can’t beleave I didn’t take any pictures…  Well, Ray is waiting, so I will close for now.

Oh where or where did I put those darn sunglasses.  Searched every purse; every bag; every briefcase.  Looked in the car, truck, motorhome…  Ok, I give.  Had finally reconciled myself with the fact that I would not be able to read in the sun. and here I was looking forward to reading  the Patrcia Cornwell novel Sherri had given me for the trip. 

Then… WHAM.  The jewelry gods struck again.  I called Ray and had him check in the pocket behind the drivers seat in the Saturn.  Yep!  There they were.  Happy Happy, Joy Joy.

Wow.. time sure flies.  Here it is another winter.  And.. Yes, they again are letting me take some time to spend with Ray in the sun.  I am SO very lucky to be working where I am and have the upper management that supports my adventures.  Sure makes working there a pleasure and you can’t buy with money the loyalty that this support procures.

Original plan for was for me to fly into and out of Key West for the month of February.  All wheels were greased.  I had lots to do.  Really kinda looking forward to Ray leaving and me having a couple of weeks to myself.  Legion commitments to address.. and then the phone rang.  Brian, our youngest, is being deployed.  He will be on the ground in country by the end of the month.  Check rides to accomplish.  Personal business and household bills to align.  This will be his first live mission since becoming a pilot.  He is excited.  I am the mom… so.. not so much

Spoke with my boss.  Talked with my Legion headquarters.  Family first!  We are leaving Friday to assist Brian with last minute details he needs assistance accomplishing.  Hugging him tightly, and wishing him well, and praying for him to come home safely.

Tim will be coming along with us this winter.  That should help me with coming up with some good stories.  Tim is Ray’s oldest.  He is staying with us for the winter.  He hasn’t been to Key West, and we haven’t tried to have three people in the motorhome yet..

I spoke with my buddy Joyce today and there were only 25 spaces left at Sigsbee.  Sure hope I don’t have to go to Trumbo for dry camping.  Yes, it is closer to downtown.  But, my friends are at Sigsbee as well as the PX and RV activity room.  If we are downtown I just know Ray will insist that I ride the bike back and forth.   Going to try to weasel out of the marathon ride around island this year.

Still packing and trying to tie up loose ends.  Got all my Boys State stuff off to the printer.  Obtained a PO box in Key West so I can have stuff forwarded there.  Ray is dropping of video’s for the new guidance counselors at my High Schools.  Laundry done.  All my electronic toys charged and ready.  I should have lots to keep me busy on the ride down to Brian’s house.  Our first stop.

Will post more once we hit the road.  Just wanted to give those that are looking something to read for now.