We made the run down to Truman Annex to view the sunset. HammockRay setup my hammock so I could just relax while we waited for the sun to set. Sparky sat with me so I could ensure he stayed away from the nettles (little stickers) that he seems drawn to. I had just given him a bath so he would be all fresh for the ride home and didn’t want to be picking out these things from his hair.


It was nice to visit with the beach crowd for one last time. Promises were made to catch up with one another again next winter.


We had a busy day on Monday the day prior to my departure.


I just had to take this picture of … well I am not sure.. this sculpture is at the entrance to Truman Annex.

p1010086.jpg p1010088.jpg


I had lunch with Joyce and Liz. I took them both to Forgery’s for Lettuce Wraps. They loved them! Really enjoyed the girl time sitting at the outside café watching the tourists pass by sipping ice tea and eating with our fingers. We picked up Liz at her condo and I loved it! It is small but great. Sure could see me living there when we are too old to drive the motorhome down.


mikemarie.jpgMike and Marie stopped by to visit for a few. We had met them over on dry camping and it was their first year here in Key West. Marie isn’t convinced this is all that great a place to be without air-conditioning. They are now in full hook-ups and she is much happier. Not sure if we will see them again here in Key West or not. Good news for Ray that they will be heading this way in May for a short stay at Lunga Park. Ray had bought a pair of shorts at the flea market that were obviously mismarked because they were too small and Mike offered to exchange them and we will pick them up in May when they visit the area.



glena.jpgMade the last visit to Game Night at the RV office; Glena Harris was sad I was leaving but looks forward to seeing me next winter. This is our third year here in Key West and she always greats me/us like long lost friends.

We played Tonk with Denny and Cheryl. dennycheryl.jpg




We decided at the last moment to have dinner out with John and Joyce. joycejohn.jpgDon’t they look great?

I have become close with Joyce and will really miss her. It had become a habit to head to her “house” first thing in the morning for real coffee and some girl chat. Great thing is I like her husband John as well. He and Ray seemed to hit it off well which was nice. We had our last supper together at the Mexican Restaurant on Stock Island. Food was ok, company was better. Joyce and I both had tears in our eyes when I gave her that last hug goodbye.


This morning started off with the wakeup call from the Roosters in the campground. Sun was shinning and all was well. I really hate to leave.


We headed downtown for lunch at the Paradise Café and to get me a sandwich for the ride home. We hadn’t been home long when the power went out. Seems the gods knew I didn’t want to leave! Switched to fridge over to LPG and all was well. Off to the airport.


When Ray dropped me off I was so distracted that I forgot my lunch! Went inside and found that the power was off there as well. Happy Happy Joy Joy. They switched to backup power and booted the system back up. All checked in. Ray calls, do I want my sandwich. Yep! Only 10 mins from the campground. I head outside for the wait to clear security. Ray zooms up for a last kiss and the passing of the lunch bag. This is significant because I ended up really needing this sandwich. Out to the plane. Sitting on the tarmac …… delayed because of a thunderstorm in Ft. Lauderdale… no air-conditioning… close quarters… take off.. Flying around in circles because the conditions are too hazardous for us to land…. Oh no.. low on fuel…. Diverted to pick up more fuel… phone call to ensure I could get on a different flight home… insured that the flight was delayed and I would be able to catch a flight home…sitting on the tarmac with the door open….. no air-conditioning….no offer of beverages… close quarters…take off… land in Ft. Lauderdale… airport is packed! People sitting on the floor! My outgoing flight is still delayed.. short wait… don’t leave the area…incoming flight is in! We leave 10 minutes later. Load the plane. LUCKY me had no one sitting in the middle seat!! Ah.. my lunch. Thanks Ray!


Finally got home at 10:30 four hours later than planned. Metro ride home was packed with Washing Capitals fans. Norm arrived as I disembarked the train. All is well and I am home safe and sound.