Been busy this last week.  maryann.jpgMaryAnn assisted me, insert did the work, in cutting down and finishing off the edges of our bathroom rug. I had to fold under about a third of the original length so it would fit the bathroom floor. Thanks MaryAnn! I took a picture so you all can visualize just how small our bathroom in the motorhome really is.



We visited the flea market on Saturday so Ray could get some more T-Shirts. I did manage to get two pairs of wild shorts while we were there. On the way home we stopped at the Square Grouper for lunch on mile marker 22.5. It was really a pleasant experience. Cloth table cloths and silverware! The menu was quite eclectic and tasty. This will surely become a favorite stop for lunch next year.


We visited The Blue Hole nature conservation area on No Name Key.
The top 12 inches of water is fresh water and under that is a layer of saltwater. This is quite an anomaly. We saw an orange iguana, they turn orange in mating season, and that was a first for me. IguanaA few birds but nothing that hasn’t been previously identified. Ray purchased a Florida bird book for me last week at the Eco Center and I have really enjoyed finding birds we see/have seen. Who would of thought I would become a “birdie”.



Saturday we were invited over to Joyce and John’s house for dinner. They were great hosts and we really enjoyed the food and company.

Today we took a drive down to Bahia Honda , pronounced “By a Honda”, State park at mile marker 37. The beaches there were white sand and beautiful. Totally different than the beach at Truman Annex which is rocky and uneven. The channel between the old and new Bahia Honda bridges is one of the deepest natural channels in the Florida Keys. The park is unique because it has extensive sandy beaches and deep waters close enough offshore to provide exceptional swimming and snorkeling. The clear water and easy access made us wish we had a Kayak, something we will have to correct in the future. We spoke with the Park Ranger and found out the time limits, two weeks, for camping at the park. We felt the cost wasn’t bad at 31.00 per night for water and electric. Reservations can be made 11 months out. This will be a must do after I retire. The campground sites are right on the water and it was so peaceful and scenic.


Time is running out and I soon will have to return to work. We are going to Truman Annex this evening to enjoy the unobstructed view of the sunset, say goodbye to our friends, and hold hands in the warm tropic breeze one more time.