Not much going on here.  We made a run out to the flea market this morning so I could get another sundress for me and another pair of sunglasses for Ray. 

 I did manage to finally make it over to visit with MaryAnn and Fred they had been away visiting their new grandbaby.   Lucky them.    It was a nice visit.  She is going to help me cut down the rug for my TINY bathroom on Monday. 


Ray finally felt well enough to go out for a bit last night.  We went to the Sunset lounge to listen to the entertainment.  We went early to get a good seat and to allow me a chance to get yet another sunset picture.  We were not all that impressed with “Yankee Jack”.  A lot of other people here seemed to like him.  Guess we are just not into risky comments/jokes in an open forum.  We went with Mike and Marie whom we had met while in the dry camping area.  Denny and Cheryl showed up a tad later and filled the table.  Some of the folks we had met last year came in later and pulled up some chairs and made for a lively group.   Ray pooped out at 9pm.  I was surprised he lasted that long.

beachSpent most of today just chilling here at the rig.  Finally went for a short trip downtown for a Starbucks. <G>  Drove over to the public beach and sat in the shade enjoying the breeze.

Back home to take more meds and to fire up the BBQ.  Hopefully he will feel up to making the trip to Dry Tortugas in a few days.