One would think that with no time clock ticking I wouldn’t have any excuse to not write more often…but it really does seem that time goes by so fast.

I am sure I have told you all before how much I enjoy eating an El Siboney here in Key West.  My favorite meal is #31 – Grilled Garlic Chicken.  Last time we were in Lucy asked the waitress what seasoning was utilized.  The replay was Mojo sauce.  One sweep through Publix, the grocery, netted us a bottle to try on our own.    After finally convincing Ray to get rid of the old grill and purchase that new Weber he has been looking at for two years.  It was christened with Mojo soaked chicken!  Egads, no steak???  Ray even let Mike do the cooking.  We had a great dinner as a send off for Lucy and Mike’s trip back home.

 Mike Cooking

Saturday the 9th we again participated in the 5K run/walk here at Sigsbee.  Ray came in first in his age group with a time of 41:23. He was fourth over all in the walkers.  I completed with people still behind me. <G>


While Lucy was here we attended a craft class for making dycomic<SP> glass necklaces last Monday.  They came out great.  Ray and I convinced the couple next to us to also make some.  Ray tried to make a VT one for Ted. 


11th – Still hot here and getting muggy.  I have moved out of the bedroom so I can get more air movement at night.  Sparky was laid out on the couch last night and looked so cute I had to add this picture.


12th – I stopped by yesterday to see what the “guys” were working on in the wood working group.  Gave me a grand idea of making charging stations for the boys sometime in the future.  Rained last night!!  I haven’t seen rain like this since I left Thailand.  Only have seen one awning fatality caused by the monsoon like rains and wind. 



13th – We moved into Full Hook-ups today!!  Woo Hoo the land of air-conditioning!   This afternoon it rained so hard that the windshield on the motorhome leaked!  I tried to take a picture of the storm blowing in but it really doesn’t show on film that well.


Ray didn’t sleep well last night and woke up crabby.  He slept all day.  Finally got him to admit he wasn’t well.  Took him to the urgent care and it was closed. 


14th – Ray didn’t get up again this morning.  Still feeling bad.  Took him to the doctor this afternoon.  Yep, confirmed.  He is sick.  Infected prostate.  He is on meds and resting.  I called and canceled our plans for a romantic night out.  I will sleep on the couch again instead. <G>  Good news is I was here to insure he went to the doctors and got all checked out.  Hopefully he will feel better tomorrow.   


Now that we are in full hook-ups the weather has cooled.  So we haven’t had the air conditioner on yet.  Still enjoying the cool breeze blowing through the windows.