What a great time we are having so far. It is so much fun meeting new people and reacquainting ourselves with old acquaintances.

Mike and Lucy in the sunWe all got together to have a picnic on the beach to enjoy some of the wonderful weather we are having here. Sparky seemed to enjoy just letting the ocean breeze blow through is hair. Ray of course had to get in the water as Mike and Lucy just enjoyed the Florida sun.

Sparky at the beach

We spent Friday Night down on Mallory Square so we could share the festive environment with Mike and Lucy. Last year when they visited it rained three of the four days they were here so this year we are trying to take in as many outdoor activities as we can.  As always we enjoyed the street performers and the crafters.  We stayed until the sun set and moved on downtown.  As always the sunset was beautiful!

Mallory SQ 1

Street performer

Mallory SQ 2  Mallory SQ 4

Mallory SQ 3

We had dinner at the Hogs Breath Saloon. I got one of the three Military Veterans biker guys at the bar to take our picture. There were three of them. I walked up to the biggest one there, a Marine, and asked him which one of them did not serve in the Marines?? I needed someone to take a picture and I wasn’t sure if I could trust a Marine with a technical thing like a camera. One of them piped in that he is in the Navy. Well the game was on and we all had fun teasing back and forth. “Nuke” was a good sport and took our picture. It turned out that “Nuke” was stationed in Hampton Roads and is a member of the Military Veterans group there and is the state president of this organization. I asked if they supported the VA hospital in Hampton and yes, they do! He promised he would pop in and check on Tim. What a small world!

Hogs Breath

Yesterday we played cards and just hung around the campsite. Ray got mad, again, because Lucy and I were winning and “gloating” enjoying the win. We finished the evening with a trip down to Sunset Lounge here on Sigsbee. There was a live performance by Captain Jack. The place was packed so we didn’t last too long.

Today, Superbowl Sunday, we originally had plans to go to the RV office for a BIG party but have sense made plans with the neighbors to have a small party of our own. Of course this is after I figured out how to fix his Dish Network setup. We should have a great time. I don’t really care who wins, but intend to enjoy the steaks and company nevertheless.