Good news is we got to use Lucy’s air-miles for tickets to Key West thus saving us LOTS of money and time. We had the “boys” head off to Key West without us and our plan was to meet them there. Bad news is to get these “free” tickets we had to take the 5:45am flight out of Washington National. (Yes, I know it is now named Regan National but, I can’t let go of the original name) Lucky for us my brother Norm is a night owl and with some sweet talking he agreed to take Lucy and I to the airport. That meant we had to be at his house at 3:15 to arrive at the airport early enough to clear all security measures. Drive was uneventful to the airport and Norm said it was even easier on his return trip. Thanks Norm!

Had a good time being cheerful to the airport employees that were not as happy as we were to be up and moving at 4am. Cute little security guy at the airport checked my ticket but wouldn’t frisk me. <EG> Got a big smile out of him at the request though which seemed to brighten his morning. Grumpy workers abounded but we didn’t let that get us down.

First flight to Charlotte went off without a hitch, it was then off to Orlando. We had a full flight but we were lucky enough to sit next to a family and we got the 17 year old son. Lucy and I had a ball teasing and quizzing him. Bet he was glad to finally get off the plane. His parents seemed to enjoy us taunting him. At last we climbed, yes climbed, aboard the tiny plane that took us into Key West. Really got a kick out of Ray wanting to know what airline we were flying. Ha! If you have ever been to Key West you would know that the airport is tiny like the aircraft that fly in here. I told him just look for our big smiles!

Our first stop was to the bathroom at the airport to shed some layers of clothes. It was 78 upon our arrival. Second stop was to my favorite restaurant in Key West, El Siboney.

We are all checked into the campground and awnings are out. We went to sunset lounge on our first night to share the beautiful sunsets with our fellow campers. Have I told you guys how much I like it here. So far we have played dominoes at game night. Made a quick run to the beach, rode the bikes around and got lots of waves and hugs from people we know that were already set up and in place.

Lucy is having fits with her email and I have spent more time that one would think necessary to untangle it. Her service provider SUCKS and is the root of the problem. Of course they never think it is them… but I digress.

Sunday the 27th We assisted with the Key West half shell marathon as we did last year. We had fun giving back a little to a community that we enjoy so much. Bad news is somehow either Ray or I managed to lock the step in the closed position. Ray not being a slow mover stepped right out into nothingness on his way over to wake up Mike at 0430. Mike said that he heard him hit the deck. It really is amazing that he did nothing more that wrench his knee. He still managed to get downtown to pick up the water and tables to set up for the Race.

It is now Thursday and he is back to riding his bike and not complaining too much. Lucy and I are off to a craft class this afternoon. Other than that life is laid back and we have no big plans. Update. Class was packed. We put our names on the list for next week. This is to make a fused glass necklace. Looked very cool.