What a great year I have had.  I finally managed to change jobs to work in the Desktop Customer Support field.  I have tried for the last three years to make this happen but have been unable to move because of retirements and hiring freezes. 

I have been working in my new field for three months now.  In a casual conversation on how I liked my new job and how was Ray taking my renewed commitment to work until 2010.  I replied that he was supportive but not thrilled; he was going to miss me accompanying him to Key West this winter.  Well…. my new boss asked how long would I like to be gone.  Me, being smart, replied that 30 days would be great.  Suprise Suprise I as granted 30 days leave without pay!!    Now some of you may not think that is a good deal, getting time off without pay.  I am lucky enough that we are able to forgo the paycheck to save my earned leave for use this summer.

Wooo Hoooo!!!!