Ray and Mike are going to the Everglades! Both are excited about the “Man Trip” Lucy and I will fly into Key West to meet them two weeks later. I can hardly wait to hear the stories of what mischief they get into. Will post the good ones here for you all to read. Mike is packing his motorhome and Lucy is cooking up stuff for them to take along. After a year of taking care of most of the cooking for us; I am confident that Ray is very capable of taking care of his nutrition needs.

All is all there is excitement in the air.

Just in from Ray –

Report on the ‘man’ trip.

Mike and I left home Tuesday about 10am and met at the VA/NC border. Trip the first day was uneventful and we spent our first night north of the South Carolina Border at a Passport America campground that should have been closed years ago. No problem, though, because it was cold and we just had a little supper and went to bed.

Early start Wednesday. Got off to a bad start because we had been on the road only about 10-15 miles when one of the bicycles fell off the carrier and I drug it for, I am not sure how long, and I ruined the front tire and wheel, but no other damage. Will have to get it replaced before we get to Key West. After that we had a good day just keeping ahead of the rain and snow and stopped early in GA for a good nights rest and a good meal. There was topless bar across the street and we debated whether to go over and have a beer, but my reasoning convinced Mike that we really didn’t want to spend 6-7 dollars on a beer just to see a couple of middle age women serve the drinks with no tops on.

I should have listened to Marty

Got started about 9am on Thursday. We were going to get about halfway down the state of Florida, but just happened to see an advertisement for St. Augustine and since Mike had never been there we decided to stop and pulled in about noon got setup and took the city tour. There was so much to see there that we decided to spend Friday and actually walk around and see the sights.

So much for now. We are getting ready to head downtown St. Augustine. More Later…

…Well we are back from our day of sightseeing. The trip to the Castillo de San Marcos was a real eye opener. The oldest fort in the U.S. was all that we expected and more. We stopped and had a cup of coffee and pastry in the tourist area and in general had a good time. Early afternoon came and we were cold and decided to head back to the ‘Rigs’ for a little toddy and nap. All in all the visit to St. Augustine was a real success. Tomorrow it is off to the Everglades.

Last comments on “The Man Trip”


Trip to Key West was uneventful. Only one hitch in the trip down. Mike wanted to stop at a Burger King and I pulled off the road and turned into one of the narrowest street I have seen in the US. I was thinking I was back in Italy where a small car will barely go down the street without rubbing one each side. After I got back on the road decision was made to keep going until we could find a place to pull off the road and make a sandwich for ourselves.

We pulled in to Key West and Mike went off to find the American Legion Post 28 and I pulled into the NAS campground for the night.

We picked up the wives the next day (Saturday the 26th) and the ‘Man Trip’ was over. Now we have someone to tell us what to do every minute of the day. Sure was nice to be able to make our own decisions for 2 weeks.

Next entry will be titled the “Key West Vacation”.