After only 11 weeks in this campground, counting last year, I have found the best snorkeling spot is just right here!  Easy egress and then a shallow swim out the the shelf where it just seems to drop off to nothingness, Hm… is that a word?? 

Yesterday we went and bought a dive flag so we didn’t suffer the same treatment that the manatees do.  No skid marks on my back for me.  Ray is doing MUCH better this year with the snorkel.  Who knows, maybe in a couple of years we will be ready for the trip out to Dry Tortuga.

 Tomorrow we are renting a boat with two other couples for a picnic and a ride on this beautiful water.  It is so blue… I love it here!  We plan to drive, is that what you call it when you are in a boat, or is it navigate to a snorkeling area only 6 miles from the marina.  I will let you know later how it turns out. 


We plan on leaving on Sunday to head back north.  It depresses me to even think about it.. guess it isn’t hot enough here yet. <G>