The honemoon is over. We no longer have full-hookups. This means we are back to running the genorator when we want power, and we are using paper and plastic as much as possible to cut down on the water usage. If we are careful we can go for about 10 days without replinishing the fresh water and dumping the waste water.

We are still just relaxing here in the warm weather. I have been learning many versions of Mexican Train dominoes. Seems whom ever you play with has slightly different rules. The only rule I have learned its to be flexible. <G>. I really enjoy Game Night on Mondays, I enjoy meeting new people and learning new games as well.


We have been riding the bikes more and even made the yearly trip around the whole island. I don’t think I want to know how many miles I rode yesterday. We did take a break and played Bochie ball down at the White Street Bochie courts.


We have met even more of the regulars here this year. Sure makes it fun when you know lots of people. Ray has gotten involved to helping write articles and take pictures for the local campground newspaper. This is right up his alley and he is really enjoying it. I am enjoying him not being superglued to my hip all the time. <EG> I am enjoying this year’s stay even more than lasts. I understand why people come here year after year.