It was all nice and sunny till Mike and Lucy Harris showed up. The temp dropped, the wind howled, the rains came….

But, in spite of all that, we are having a good time. We enjoyed burgers on the grill last night with the Bird’s, (Denny and Cheryl) The couple we met last winter from Waynesboro. Finally just got too cool to sit outside any longer so we decided to come on in and play some chicken foot dominos. Ray won again!

They have decided to stay in the trailer with us. So far so good. Lucy has been advised she needs to live out of the suitcases in the car. <EG> We are right next to the wash rooms so there is not a problem with sharing hot water.

Today we drove around the key and showed them the highlights and then we went to the flea market so Lucy could buy the grandkids some souvenirs (t-shirts). Of course she managed to find three tops she HAD to have as well. The picture is from a familiar picture spot of the “most southern point in the USA” Of course the true most southern point is on Truman Annex NS, but the public doesn’t have access …

We then drove over to no name key for lunch at the No Name Pub. It was starting to sprinkle again so we opted to head back to Key West to dine at my favorite restaurant, El Siboney. Mike – being a steak and potatoes guy, decided to have the hamburger steak. Gee, I was surprised.. NOT. I had the garlic pressed chicken, wonderful.