Not a lot going on here. Went to Bingo last night at the Legion. Wow, a non smoking bingo. I almost enjoyed it. Finished the counted cross stitch I started last Thursday in crafts. Today I painted a coconut. Pretty exciting stuff. Signed up for a 5k walk this Saturday.

We finally moved to the full hook-up site. How sweet it is! Finally pulled out all my tacky yard art. We are a bit too close to the laundry room but I am not complaining. Nice to be able to sit up and watch TV and not have to watch the clock so I can run out and shut the generator off.

Mike and Lucy will be visiting us for three days. They arrive tomorrow. Will write up about their visit after they leave.

We are staying warm and meeting lots of people. I am enjoying game night, and craft day. Hey, this getting old stuff isn’t so bad. <G>