February 2007

The honemoon is over. We no longer have full-hookups. This means we are back to running the genorator when we want power, and we are using paper and plastic as much as possible to cut down on the water usage. If we are careful we can go for about 10 days without replinishing the fresh water and dumping the waste water.

We are still just relaxing here in the warm weather. I have been learning many versions of Mexican Train dominoes. Seems whom ever you play with has slightly different rules. The only rule I have learned its to be flexible. <G>. I really enjoy Game Night on Mondays, I enjoy meeting new people and learning new games as well.


We have been riding the bikes more and even made the yearly trip around the whole island. I don’t think I want to know how many miles I rode yesterday. We did take a break and played Bochie ball down at the White Street Bochie courts.


We have met even more of the regulars here this year. Sure makes it fun when you know lots of people. Ray has gotten involved to helping write articles and take pictures for the local campground newspaper. This is right up his alley and he is really enjoying it. I am enjoying him not being superglued to my hip all the time. <EG> I am enjoying this year’s stay even more than lasts. I understand why people come here year after year.




The sun finally came out yesterday afternoon. Mike, Lucy, Ray and I spent the afternoon shopping and drinking beer on Duval Street. We finally ended up at Mallory Square to watch the sun set. We had put a roast in the crock-pot in the morning and it sure was nice to have dinner waiting on us upon our return. Martha and Sam stopped by and we chatted it up a bit, finally came to the conclusion that we couldn’t let Mike and Lucy leave until they had breakfast at Blue Heaven. (Chickens and all) Denny and Cheryl decided to join us. We had a nice time and it was a great farewell to our dear friends.




Enjoyed walking in the 5K. I took my time…. Ray doing his normal walk came in 2nd in his age group. He was surprised and pleased. Denny and Cherly also participated in this walk, Denny came in 1st in his age group (younger than Ray). Ray’s time was ten minutes faster than Denny’s. All in all we had fun, and will consider doing this again next winter.





It was all nice and sunny till Mike and Lucy Harris showed up. The temp dropped, the wind howled, the rains came….

But, in spite of all that, we are having a good time. We enjoyed burgers on the grill last night with the Bird’s, (Denny and Cheryl) The couple we met last winter from Waynesboro. Finally just got too cool to sit outside any longer so we decided to come on in and play some chicken foot dominos. Ray won again!

They have decided to stay in the trailer with us. So far so good. Lucy has been advised she needs to live out of the suitcases in the car. <EG> We are right next to the wash rooms so there is not a problem with sharing hot water.

Today we drove around the key and showed them the highlights and then we went to the flea market so Lucy could buy the grandkids some souvenirs (t-shirts). Of course she managed to find three tops she HAD to have as well. The picture is from a familiar picture spot of the “most southern point in the USA” Of course the true most southern point is on Truman Annex NS, but the public doesn’t have access …

We then drove over to no name key for lunch at the No Name Pub. It was starting to sprinkle again so we opted to head back to Key West to dine at my favorite restaurant, El Siboney. Mike – being a steak and potatoes guy, decided to have the hamburger steak. Gee, I was surprised.. NOT. I had the garlic pressed chicken, wonderful.

Not a lot going on here. Went to Bingo last night at the Legion. Wow, a non smoking bingo. I almost enjoyed it. Finished the counted cross stitch I started last Thursday in crafts. Today I painted a coconut. Pretty exciting stuff. Signed up for a 5k walk this Saturday.

We finally moved to the full hook-up site. How sweet it is! Finally pulled out all my tacky yard art. We are a bit too close to the laundry room but I am not complaining. Nice to be able to sit up and watch TV and not have to watch the clock so I can run out and shut the generator off.

Mike and Lucy will be visiting us for three days. They arrive tomorrow. Will write up about their visit after they leave.

We are staying warm and meeting lots of people. I am enjoying game night, and craft day. Hey, this getting old stuff isn’t so bad. <G>