I called Denny and Cheryl yesterday to see if they wanted to help with the half marathon also. We met these two last winter here in Key West. They live in Waynesboro , VA. They were excited about helping out, and glad we thought of them. Told them we would meet them there, we rode the bikes.

We arrived at the Turtle Crawl (a restaurant) for the pre race get together. You would have thought it was a hospitality room at a Legion convention! These people went through the beer and food like locusts. <G>

Shirts and assignments were handed out. They also held raffles for lots of free stuff. Ray nor I won anything… but… Cheryl won a pair of pink thong panties! Lucky for her she managed to swap them with another winner for a T-Shirt.

We stayed until 7:30. Rode the bikes home in the dark. I was POOPED when we got home. I did check the mileage and it is 1.5 miles just from the gate to the campground. I sure wish there was a way to find out how many miles we ride in a day.