Now I am cold. It rained off and on today and the temp has dropped to 67 degrees. Remember we do not have electricity. Hmm.. wasn’t I just complaining about being hot…

Wifi is now up and running. Something about Bellsouth replacing towers damaged last year in the hurricane.

Haven’t done much the last couple of days. Really feeling a tad out of sorts. Just having someone around you all the time is wearing me down a tad.

We will be working a water station on Sunday for the marathon. Hope to take a couple of pictures of that.

We did drive over to Stock Island to visit The American Legion., Wow! They sure have done a great job getting their bar/lounge rebuilt. The dinning room should be finished by winter. The still have some camping spots available, not a bad deal for $20 when it is $125 just one Key up.

Last but certainly not least.. thank goodness my sister checked my house. (remember I forgot to empty the bread drawer)   The power went out on the side of the kitchen my fridge is plugged in to.. thus there was quite a mess from the freezer stuff thawing out..  Thank goodness her and my favorite brother in law cleaned up the mess so I didn’t have a AWFUL smell in my house upon our return.  Thanks Sue and Lee!!