We finally got on the road at 0940. Not a bad start.

So far I have only had to call my sister once to go save the grapes in my fridge. I had purchased them the night before we left so we could have them for a snack in the truck. We had stopped at Food Lion the night before our departure to check for a specific type of wine for our friends already in Key West. Well, while there I bought this small bunch of grapes Ray was aghast when he was told it would be $3.88. I picked them of the stems, washed them, and put them in two individual baggies. Set them on the shelf in the fridge that I had just cleaned out.. I must have opened up the refrigerator at least three times prior to our departure. And, still left them there. Really didn’t want to come back to baggies of goo.. so I called my sister. She is due yet another call to rescue food at our house. Both Ray and I thought we had emptied the bread drawer. Could be really ugly in 8 weeks.

We stopped in Fayetteville as we did last year to visit my dear friends Bobby and Don. Watching the evening news we found there was an ice storm heading our way. Rats! We planned to leave at 4am to try to beat the ice. We ended up leaving around 2:30 in the morning. Ray had to get up.. we know why.. and said since he was awake, we might as well hit the road. We slipped out of the house and were on the road.

We drove and drove and drove. Since we left at 2:30 by the time it was lunch we had already been on the road for way more than our normal travel day. We were only about an hour from The Villages. We decided to call ahead and see if they could give us a tour that afternoon. Yep, we got the go ahead. So.. we decided to drive the extra miles and check the place out.

The Villages – What a great place to retire. The thing we liked the most was all the clubs/group planned activities. Also, there is an Adult learning center with scads of classes in a large variety of topics. The Villages, is really a small city with all the things a city needs to include its own hospital. We really liked it.

We left early on Friday and headed to the Everglades. It was 87 degrees when we arrived. Shorts out! Long pants put away. After we set up we grabbed Ray’s new camera and headed over to Royal Palms to get some pictures. Truck parked, camera in hand we headed out to the boardwalk. Ooops… camera battery is dead. Ha! Back in the truck for the drive back to the campground to retrieve the extra battery. We made it back to Royal Palm in plenty of time to take a few pictures. It wasn’t as full of wildlife as last years’ visit. But, it was later in the year, and things were a lot drier.

Got up this morning and headed south. It really was a short day for us. Only three ours in the Truck. Thank goodness. We are both cranky. Lots of mix ups on where to park once we got here. But, we are now settled.

We have already run into many people that we met last winter. For us this is a major part of the attraction of this winter spot.
Ray has already gone into the other room to lie down and watch a movie. It is only 7pm! I will let you know what time he gets up and starts rattling around.