Been here four days already. Time sure seems to whiz by when I am here. Up at 6am and don’t make it back to bed till after 11pm.

Was asked to help interview Boys Nation candidates again. Very cool.

I had planned on taking a trip over to Farmville to check out Girls State but Larry, our finance guy, goes there on Thursdays and that conflicts with my duties. Maybe some year I will make it.

So far this year we haven’t had any major incidents or injuries. “fingers crossed”. Hope all this holds out. Only one boy had gone home early… home sick.

I got to tell you guys what a great experience this is. Here I am among 768 of Virginia’s best young men. What a delight. Add to that the 115 Legionaries and others whom donate a week of their life to ensure this quality program continues. These really are some of the most dedicated citizens with concern for our youth.

I always enjoy coming here and working with such a friendly quality group of people.

Don’t get confused.. we do have a great time working together. Lots of laughs and late nights telling stories of what the “boys” have been doing or been up too that day.