Sure seems like the year flashes by between Boys State weeks.  Can’t believe I have been doing this for 9 years now.  Somehow what was started as a favor to a friend has turned into a passion.

I am here in Lynchburg on the Liberty University campus anxiously?? awaiting the arrival of over 800 17 year old boys.

We arrived on Saturday just after lunch.  This was after answering the phone a couple of times to assure Mike and Rick that we were indeed on the way.

Pulled in to Liberty to start our week.  First stop was putting all are stuff in the dorm and setting up Ray’s office.  After all that it was off to Post 16 for hot-dogs and hamburgers and lots of hugs from old friends.

This will be the first year I will not be the Medical Liaison aka Mom in the First Aid station.  I talked with the new guys, and gave them the walk though on the insurance paperwork and parental consent forms.  We now have a retired medical corps man and our boys will for sure be in good hands.

I have been “promoted” to Registrar.  This means I have volunteered for LOTS of work to make sure we have a accurate accounting of the delegate strength and we have collected the monies we need to fund the program.

I will be spending this week shadowing Harriett and Ken (current registrars).  Paying attention to what is done in the office and taking lots of notes.

Definitely feel like the odd man out this year.  But, am sure I will have WAY more than I need to do next year.