It was a fun trip.  Glad we did it. 

But.. it is now time for me to get back to work.  Bummer. 

It was really difficult to get back into getting up at 5am, and rushing around to be at the commuter lot by 6am. 

The first week was exhausting.  I knew that there were two pending retirements within my first two weeks back. (NO IT ISN”T BECAUSE I CAME BACK) 

The first one was one of my co-workers, Lorenza.  This caused lots of rushing around trying to tie up loose ends.  Retirement doings in the office and passing of as much work related info into those four days as we could manage.  I will really miss her.  She was a great lady. 

This week we are working on the retirement of my Branch Chief, Steve.  I had been told that things were handled when upon my return I had inquired what still needed to be done.  Well….. of course that turned out to not be true.  Good thing we had a last minute meeting on where we where on Tuesday.  But, with PLENTY of rushing around we managed to pull of a very nice retirement ceremony and reception in one day.  His retirement luncheon is today.  After that… the noise level around here should drop.  I am having a bit of noise overload after spending so much time in a quite environment.

A month ago I received a call from Steve asking me if I would act as the temporary Branch Chief.   So… I am now the Acting Branch Chief.  This duty shouldn’t exceed 120 days.  (That is all they will pay me for)  At this point I am not sure if I want the position.  Lots of thinking to do on my part.  I had many years in the Army as a supervisor and had enjoyed just being responsible for myself.  I also was in the process of moving upstairs to a customer service position (something I have really wanted to do) and have had to shelf that for a bit. 

Will post again on how I am holding up as Branch Chief.