We left Myrtle Beach in route to Chesapeake, VA.  We are certainly taking the long way home.  When we mapped both routes, coastal and highway (95), the miles were only 12 miles different.  So… we opted to stop and visit with my friends Barbara and Don Smith in Fayetteville.

Both were very glad to see us! (go figure).  After tying up the traffic on their street Ray managed to slide the trailer up on the grass next to the driveway.    While we were on our trip Bobbie (Barbara) got hooked on Orchards.  She has been to an orchard show and has joined a local growers group.  These plants have taken over her sunroom.  She doesn’t do anything halfway.  Currently the plants are in the growing season and will again bloom in January timeframe.  I will have to make sure we visit them next winter.

  jrs.jpgWe stopped at JR’s on the way to Suffolk.  This is a HUGE place and seems to be competing with South of the Border in Dillon, SC.  I wanted to see the HUGE dollar store but didn’t see it till we were back in the truck and on the way.  I did find a couple of cool things in the shop we did visit.

We are now in Suffolk, VA.  We will be leaving later this morning for Martha and Sam Warners. (One of the couples we met in Key West)

We will be playing the new card game we learned, hand and foot, and expect to have a nice time together.  

Our plan is to be home by Sunday to give Ray time to do the taxes and us time to put all our stuff away and get me ready to return to work.