April 2006

It was a fun trip.  Glad we did it. 

But.. it is now time for me to get back to work.  Bummer. 

It was really difficult to get back into getting up at 5am, and rushing around to be at the commuter lot by 6am. 

The first week was exhausting.  I knew that there were two pending retirements within my first two weeks back. (NO IT ISN”T BECAUSE I CAME BACK) 

The first one was one of my co-workers, Lorenza.  This caused lots of rushing around trying to tie up loose ends.  Retirement doings in the office and passing of as much work related info into those four days as we could manage.  I will really miss her.  She was a great lady. 

This week we are working on the retirement of my Branch Chief, Steve.  I had been told that things were handled when upon my return I had inquired what still needed to be done.  Well….. of course that turned out to not be true.  Good thing we had a last minute meeting on where we where on Tuesday.  But, with PLENTY of rushing around we managed to pull of a very nice retirement ceremony and reception in one day.  His retirement luncheon is today.  After that… the noise level around here should drop.  I am having a bit of noise overload after spending so much time in a quite environment.

A month ago I received a call from Steve asking me if I would act as the temporary Branch Chief.   So… I am now the Acting Branch Chief.  This duty shouldn’t exceed 120 days.  (That is all they will pay me for)  At this point I am not sure if I want the position.  Lots of thinking to do on my part.  I had many years in the Army as a supervisor and had enjoyed just being responsible for myself.  I also was in the process of moving upstairs to a customer service position (something I have really wanted to do) and have had to shelf that for a bit. 

Will post again on how I am holding up as Branch Chief.


Woke up and just took our time getting things ready to travel the 25 miles to Sam and Martha’s house. I did not sleep well at Don & Bobbies and was a “tad” crabby. We both thought it was a good idea to get a good nights rest prior to pulling into Chesapeake.


Sam had designed his home to accommodate a RV with hook-ups. Nice. He and Martha designed and built, well Sam built it, their home. It is designed very similar to homes we say in Florida with a nice open floor plan. They have taken the three downstairs bedrooms and took at the walls to make a HUGE master suite. Guest room is upstairs with a private bath.


We had such a good time just visiting as we did in Key West. We drove down to tour the Wisconsin in Norfolk. Then we went to the Navy base and saw a lot of other “ships” including three more battleships and two aircraft carriers. Ray and I were both in the Army and all there ships lined up at the dock were pretty impressive to us.


Martha and Sam were great hosts and we really had a nice visit. We did play Hand and Foot many times until Sam and Ray got tired of Martha and I beating them. <EG>


Martha is trying to get me hooked onto her latest craft (card stichery).





We arrived home Sunday afternoon and are in the process of weeding through three months mail and unpacking.

We left Myrtle Beach in route to Chesapeake, VA.  We are certainly taking the long way home.  When we mapped both routes, coastal and highway (95), the miles were only 12 miles different.  So… we opted to stop and visit with my friends Barbara and Don Smith in Fayetteville.

Both were very glad to see us! (go figure).  After tying up the traffic on their street Ray managed to slide the trailer up on the grass next to the driveway.    While we were on our trip Bobbie (Barbara) got hooked on Orchards.  She has been to an orchard show and has joined a local growers group.  These plants have taken over her sunroom.  She doesn’t do anything halfway.  Currently the plants are in the growing season and will again bloom in January timeframe.  I will have to make sure we visit them next winter.

  jrs.jpgWe stopped at JR’s on the way to Suffolk.  This is a HUGE place and seems to be competing with South of the Border in Dillon, SC.  I wanted to see the HUGE dollar store but didn’t see it till we were back in the truck and on the way.  I did find a couple of cool things in the shop we did visit.

We are now in Suffolk, VA.  We will be leaving later this morning for Martha and Sam Warners. (One of the couples we met in Key West)

We will be playing the new card game we learned, hand and foot, and expect to have a nice time together.  

Our plan is to be home by Sunday to give Ray time to do the taxes and us time to put all our stuff away and get me ready to return to work. 


We have had a nice three days just chilling.  We are currently camped at Lakewood Campground.  We are only about 100 yards from the beach.  Really nice at night to have the windows open and hear the ocean surf in the evening. 

We didn’t do anything special while here.  The only thing we did do was drive around a bit and look at the area.  We both sat around and did Sudoku puzzles, or just read.   We did do laundry today.  More than likely this is the last I should have to see of a laundry mat for a long time.

ray.jpgRay is still trying to keep his tan.  He managed to spend some time lying out on the beach. 

We did take Sparky for a long walk on the beach last night.  Then, later in the evening we got a hailstorm!  It hailed golf ball size hail!  I had never seen anything but pea sized hail in my life.  It sounded like someone was outside the trailer throwing rocks at us.  Sparky didn’t like it. J  The picture doesn’t show the actual size, I waited till it was all over and they had melted some.



We are leaving in the morning for Fayetteville.   Will be staying with our friends again.  Wow, time sure has flown.

marty_Ray_jail.jpgWe have spent the last two days visiting the sites in the historical district here in St. Augustine. We had stopped here a couple of years ago and wanted to return when we could spend some more time. We took one of the sightseeing tour trains, visited the old jail and the old St. Augustine village. This is a very beautiful city. We have enjoyed all the history and scenic views.


We stopped last night for a quick beer at the local American Legion post. Great location… but the parking is almost impossible.

Been playing Hand & Foot, a card game, at night so we can teach Sue and Lee upon our return.

Still not sure where we are going to stop this evening. We will figure all that out once we get on the road. Sometimes these last minute decesions turn out to be the best ones.