We went on a Kayak adventure tour today. I made reservations for two single kayaks. Good plan! I really enjoyed myself and didn’t flip the kayak or run into any bushes! Of course Ray managed to keep his upright this time. Guess he learned his lesson in Hawaii. I didn’t want to chance it <EG>. We will be renting some kayaks again this summer at Lunga Park for sure.


We saw lots of dolphins and Manatee’s on our excursion. The guy who owned the company and was the lead guide was pretty crabby. Good thing for him that he doesn’t need repeat customers.

I did get to pet/scratch a Manatee. Wow! These are great big guys! They would get up under the kayak and push you around a bit. Not too scary but a tad unnerving.

Other than a short bike ride we have just enjoyed the warm weather and each other.

Yep, so far we are still getting along. Ray went and got his haircut today and I had a whole hour to myself!! Whoopee!!

Ray is outside cooking some chicken up on the BBQ and I am supposed to be fixing a salad and vegetables. Instead I am here writing this so you all won’t give me too hard a time upon my return about my lack of posts.