Left the Everglades and made it to Fort Pierce. Stayed 3 nights
enjoying full hook-ups. This is the first non military or
National Park stay since we left home. That means it was also the
most expensive. But… Ah, hot showers in our own trailer.
Letting the water run while I do dishes. Speaking of dishes..
using the real dishes and not paper plates. TV as long as I want
to stay up! Funniest part was how quite it seemed. Normally
whenever we use water the water pump kicks in and rumbles. So,
when we are hooked into campground water we don’t need that.. thus it
is really quite when you flush the toilet. Well, it was funny to us. 🙂

We stayed the extra day so Ray could watch the air show held at the airport
adjoining the campground. But, he got a touch of a stomach virus
and didn’t want to stray to far from our trailer. (Don’t need to
go into detail here)

We left this morning for Manatee Cove Campground at Patrick AFB in Coco
Beach. Today is Sunday and most stuff is closed. We are
going to check out the ITT office in the morning to see what tours/discounts
are available prior to making any plans.

We are planning on a kayak trip to see the Manatee’s. I want to make sure it
is single kayaks.. (Remember Hawaii!)