Tina finally made it. We did our best to show her a whirlwind tour of Key West. We picked her up around noon on Friday. Our first stop was to El Siboney for Lunch, then back to change clothes and head for Mallory Square for the Sunset.


Tina had fun getting a henna tattoo. I tried them twice and both times they just didn’t work for me. Bummer. Seemed to work great for Tina. I will have to keep up with her on how long it lasts.

We, just us girls, went out to dinner at Sloppy Joes and then bar hopped a bit on Duval. Finally had to call it a night around 11. Ray came and picked us up and we hit the sack.

We also visited the butterfly conservatory and the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum.


Finally we topped off the visit with a snorkeling adventure. Unfortunately Tina, like Ray, doesn’t like breathing threw the tube. Rats. Another potential snorkeling buddy bites the dust. I love to snorkel!