Saturday – Spent yet another day riding the bikes downtown. Getting pretty good at this. Maybe I will finally commit to riding the whole way downtown for the base. Stumbled upon yet another art/craft show down by the wharf today. After talking to one of the sailboat companies we found your tomorrow is the Wreckers Race. Too Cool! And, we are going with them! We also can bring Sparky! Really hoping it is a beautiful a day as it is today. We were told there are usually 100 sailboats of various sizes that participate in this event. Hope to get some good pictures.

Sunday – I did it! I finally rode my bike all the way downtown and back! We decided to ride down to the wharf because parking there is very difficult. We left plenty early for the 12:00 boarding time. Ray did have to stop for a bit and walk out a leg cramp. Other than that we made the trip without a problem. I was proud of myself. I had really dreaded the idea of riding downtown without the safety net of the truck. Of course, now Ray thinks we should do this everyday.


This is not our Schooner, this is the Liberty, same class/size. Just wanted to give you an idea of the type of ship we were sailing.

We boarded the Albacore Schooner for our cruise to the reef and back. This race is when local captains, crews and passengers race the seven miles to Sand Key on a quest for bragging rights.

This really was a seven mile race to the reef and they were not messing around. With all the sails up we managed to obtain a speed of 8.2 knots. The guy who was responsible for the schooner had a handheld gps and of course I had to ask about our speed. We won the race, in our division, and lots of hooting and hollering was going on. Was fun to be on the winning schooner.

We invited another couple we had met to join us for the afternoon.


(Cheryl and Denny – from Waynesboro) We were also allowed to take our “friendly” dog with us. All was well till the return trip. Lunch buffet was put out.. Good sandwiches and salads along with plenty of beverages to include wine/beer/champagne and sodas. Cheryl didn’t make it but a few minutes after lunch. Sparky started acting pretty sluggish not long after that and finally had to puke. So, the only two who didn’t make it back to shore without getting sick were in our party!