Just wanted to catch you up on our doings.

We have been biking. Yes, me! Putting in a picture so I have proof. Of course I could have just knocked some old woman/man off their bike and let Ray take a picture.. but nah.. that really is me on one of our trips downtown for coffee. I know I have told you all about Genie’s Cuban Coffee House.. but we love it.


Also wanted to tell you all about this GREAT Cuban Restaurant we found. El Siboney Restaurant is on the corner on Margaret and Catherine streets. This place is really off the beaten path. A great find. The specials cost $6.95 and are quite the bargain. We will be eating here again for sure. Seems to be quite the local spot too. We love mom/pop places and this fits that to a T.

el siboney.jpg

Lastly, I finally got Ray to try snorkeling again. He is getting better. If he can touch the bottom he can keep the panic down. Too bad I couldn’t get him this far when we were in Hawaii. The view was much better there.

P1010006.JPG marty_water.JPG