Well, that was fun. We went down to Mallory Square to watch the show and take more sunset pictures. Had one of those “adult” slurppies. Walked around and looked at the hand crafts made by local artists. Lots of people. The campground provided a small bus to drop off people and pick them up from downtown. (cool!) Ray loved that because it meant that he could drink and not have to worry about driving back onto the base.

Yes, another cruise ship was in port. (Right at Mallory Square) We later told that is was a “gay theme” cruise. Ah, that would explain the SUDDEN increase in the gay populace. (This comes up later) Somehow I think this was planned on purpose to coincide with the festivities.

margarettaville.jpgTook our time working our way back down Duval Street. Had dinner at Jimmy Buffets Margarita Ville. Had a couple of margaritas too. We didn’t stay for the band although we would have had a great seat. We wanted to go and check out the party going on outside down the street.

Finally made our way down to where they were throwing beads. Ah, it is in front of The Bourbon Street Pub. (Gay Club) Surprise surprise.. it is all guys on the balcony. 90% male in the crowd. Does that stop me.. Nope! Had a blast hanging out for a bit. I ran into a young man we see often at the coffee place and he shared some of his beads with me.. Chatted it up with some of the other guys around me and really had fun. Ray got a tad jealous with me “flirting” with the young men. I had to explain to him later that I was safe.  Ha!



We decided to call an early night and catch the bus back home. All in all we had four drinks downtown and I don’t think there was any alcohol in a one of them! I am a lightweight drinker and the best buzz I got all night was from my Starbucks! (yes, I found it!)