Finally made my way into the water yesterday.  Must have something to do with it being 87 degrees.   Forgot my watershoes so just walked right in with my Keens. (Have I told you all how much I LOVE these shoes)

Today we went to a dive shop to purchase my snorkeling stuff.  Been on my list since Hawaii last summer.  Would rather have my own stuff than rent.  I was just making sure I would be able to use it here.  I HATE cold water.

The plan for this evening is to go watch the sunset from Malorey Square.  We are going to drive the truck to Truman Annex (Military Annex) and then ride our bikes downtown from there.  We all just knew that I was not going to ride the bike four miles downtown.

Will let you know what we think of this must do/see spot.  I do know a cruise ship is in town because the place was packed this morning when we went in for coffee.