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Been a week. I have been told that I owe you all an update.

Genies’ Cubin Coffee/bakery is now our favorite morning haunt. Genie, the owner, makes the best scones! Also, we can bring Sparky with us! Sparky is now very spoiled and DEMANDS to go with us when we leave in the morning.

Took a tour on the Conch Train. Worth the money. Saw pretty much all the high points on this little island. Really helped us get oriented.

The weather has turned wonderful. It has been warming up all week.

It finally reached 85 today. Ray is doing his best to acquire a tan. So far he is a nice deep red. I try to use sunscreen and keep in the shade.

So far I have determined that I could have left half the clothes I took at home and would have still had plenty.

We met a great couple from Virginia last week. (The reason I haven’t written). They, Martha and Sam, have taken the time to get us Key Westernized.

We now know where the private military beach is, been to bingo, been introduced to the “Key West family, we even went to No Name Key for Dinner at the No Name Bar. We went to the Blue Heaven Thursday morning for breakfast. Two Bloody Mary’s and two pina colada’s later.. I was WASTED. Couldn’t believe it!! It wasn’t even noon!!! Had to call my sister and let her know. Took me hours to recover. Came back home and had to take a nap.!

Friday night they reopened the Sunset Lounge here at Sigsbee. It had been pretty much destroyed from hurricane Wilma. Lots of damage on base and in the community. Good news is they are really working hard here to pull it all back together. I am disappointed that the Marina was destroyed. I had really wanted to rent a boat and go cruising about. Maybe next time.

I have spent the last few days just chilling on the beach. Ray bought me a cool hammock and keeps it tied up in the shade for me. I lay there under the trees just steps from the ocean with a cool breeze blowing across me. Sparky isn’t too happy with the hammock but doesn’t want to get left home.

My friend Tina is coming to visit! She will be here tomorrow and will stay till Tuesday evening. I am really looking forward to her visit. She will be staying with us and will get to share in the camping experience. I want to take her to the turtle races!

Update!! Tina missed the plane! Will keep you posted.