Finally all settled in.  We finally managed to locate a couple of bikes yestereday.  Didn’t take long for me to feel muscles I hadn’t felt in years.  I will need to work up to the 8 mile round trip to downtown.

The temp dropped once we got here.  That seems to be happening where ever we go.  But, yesterday was lovely and today is suppose to have a high of 75!  Of course Ray saw on the weather channel that DC was suppose to get snow.  He was pretty jazzed about that.

We found a really cool place to go get coffee in the mornings.  Little joint right off of Duval Street.  We even managed to find a place to park the truck, quite a feat here, close by.

We did hear about this great butterfly conseratory.  We will be visiting that on Monday.  Once of the cruise ships is in dock and downtown is pretty crowded.