Arrived today, Tuesday the 7th, around 1pm.  80 degrees and the sun was shining.  Check in wasn’t too smooth but then again, this place really suffered a lot of damage in the hurricane.

We are in the over flow lot.  Places are marked out pretty clearly.  Cost is $9 a night.  We are within a short walk to the bathhouse and laundry.  If we take care we shouldn’t have to move but once a week to dump and take on water.

There is a small PX and Commissary.  Both are stocked well enough that outside purchases should not be necessary.

Got a recommendation from one of the staff on where to get a haircut for Sparky.  It was so hot today we felt sorry for him.  He has never been to a groomer, so I am not sure how he will behave.    We will find out on Thursday.

Made out first visit to the famous or infamous Duvall Street.  Must say I was disappointed.  Really reminded me of New Orleans without all the Jazz music. (Not a bad thing)  Parking is impossible.  We will come earlier next time and pay the $10 to park.  We want to see the “best sunset in the world”.

After the sun went down the temp dropped to 72.  Really felt a bit cold after the heat of the day.  Not like summer where the warmth lingers.  Took a shower and am now waiting for my turn with the TV.  Soapnet has AMC on at 8pm!  This is when I take Fox News and Law & Order away from Ray

More Later.