P1010011.JPGRay Fixin the trailer

We arrived yesterday, Tuesday, around noon. No hook-ups available, but we expected that. The cost to “drycamp” is only $8.00 so you can’t beat that.

I have been pretty sick. A cold/virus of some sort. Brian was sick last week and seemed to pass it on to me. Ray, thank goodness, has been very sweet and caring. (Yea, like he had a choice) We decided to stay here till this illness passes. Too stressful in the truck with navigation duties and Sprarky walking back and forth.

Ray did some repairs on the trailer today. I am finding out that he is more handy than he has been letting on. It is all fixed now.

They are having a dog parade. Guess, these people need something to do. 🙂

Hope to feel up to doing some sight seeing tommorw. For today I am just taking it easy. Spent the morningn watching Ray work. Ah, great plan.

Sparky seems to be getting better at traveling in the car. Ray is slowing down. Life is good. Not quite short weather. But, darn close.