We left Panama City late. Didn’t leave until 11am. Said all our goodbyes to the locals we had ment and moved on. We drove and drove and drove towards Tampa. Around 7pm we finally gave up. Too tired to continue to drive, and it is now dark.

So.. we “boondocked” in a Super Wal-Mart parking lot. Went inside to check with Customer Service on their policy for overnights, go the ok. Picked up a few groceries and headed back to the trailer to hit the sack. Wasn’t too bad an experience, until at 2am SOMEBODY needed their generator. After that the noise level went up and down as others NEEDED electricity. Finally gave up at 6:30 and took off south again. We will be staying at Coon’s Creek Family Camp located on Mac Dill AFB in Tampa.

Will be making a run either today or tomorrow to LazyDays to get some “stuff” and look at some motorhome options.

Caught a bug from Brian, and felt AWFUL all day Tuesday. Starting to feel a bit better today. Ray wants to stay here till I feel better. Don’t blame him. I am a tad testy.