February 2006



Ok, I have the correct spelling this time. We, Martha, Sam, Ray and I went to Mallory Square this evening to see the sunset from there. Nice but too many people for a good picture.

[Martha and Sam Warner]

Enjoyed the street performers. Many booths set around with local artist’s works. Certainly worth a repeat visit when/if Tina makes it to Key West.

Had dinner at the “best” rib place in Key West. My opinion… these people need a Famous Dave’s !!

Ray, (YES, Ray) pooped out on the bike idea for this evening. So… we just parked in our usual spot behind the Bank and Coffee shop and walked. Wasn’t but a few blocks from this lot to our dinner location.

Hope to make it to the beach tomorrow.  Will let you all know if I brave the water.


Finally made my way into the water yesterday.  Must have something to do with it being 87 degrees.   Forgot my watershoes so just walked right in with my Keens. (Have I told you all how much I LOVE these shoes)

Today we went to a dive shop to purchase my snorkeling stuff.  Been on my list since Hawaii last summer.  Would rather have my own stuff than rent.  I was just making sure I would be able to use it here.  I HATE cold water.

The plan for this evening is to go watch the sunset from Malorey Square.  We are going to drive the truck to Truman Annex (Military Annex) and then ride our bikes downtown from there.  We all just knew that I was not going to ride the bike four miles downtown.

Will let you know what we think of this must do/see spot.  I do know a cruise ship is in town because the place was packed this morning when we went in for coffee.

Spent the afternoon at the beach.  Ray is doing his best to cook himself.  I made him take a day off yesterday.  I have to spend as much time in the shade as I can to keep from cooking myself. (Got sunburned again today)

Went to Turtle Kraals tonight.  They hold turtle races on Monday and Friday nights.  Each person in the place is handed a number to coincide with a turtle’s number.  Then the race is on.. .if your turtle wins you get to pick a key and take your chance at opening a treasure chest.  Cute, will probably go back again for the races.  Dinner was not worth repeating.

Tina is still stuck in Deale.  (aka – the cold) US Air isn’t being very helpful.  Time will tell.

Sunset from the Sunset lounge

Thought I should add this picture of a Key West sunset.

Miss you guys!  Wish you were here.

Key West Sign 1.JPG Southern Most Point.jpgKey West Sign 21.JPG
Been a week. I have been told that I owe you all an update.

Genies’ Cubin Coffee/bakery is now our favorite morning haunt. Genie, the owner, makes the best scones! Also, we can bring Sparky with us! Sparky is now very spoiled and DEMANDS to go with us when we leave in the morning.

Took a tour on the Conch Train. Worth the money. Saw pretty much all the high points on this little island. Really helped us get oriented.

The weather has turned wonderful. It has been warming up all week.

It finally reached 85 today. Ray is doing his best to acquire a tan. So far he is a nice deep red. I try to use sunscreen and keep in the shade.

So far I have determined that I could have left half the clothes I took at home and would have still had plenty.

We met a great couple from Virginia last week. (The reason I haven’t written). They, Martha and Sam, have taken the time to get us Key Westernized.

We now know where the private military beach is, been to bingo, been introduced to the “Key West family, we even went to No Name Key for Dinner at the No Name Bar. We went to the Blue Heaven Thursday morning for breakfast. Two Bloody Mary’s and two pina colada’s later.. I was WASTED. Couldn’t believe it!! It wasn’t even noon!!! Had to call my sister and let her know. Took me hours to recover. Came back home and had to take a nap.!

Friday night they reopened the Sunset Lounge here at Sigsbee. It had been pretty much destroyed from hurricane Wilma. Lots of damage on base and in the community. Good news is they are really working hard here to pull it all back together. I am disappointed that the Marina was destroyed. I had really wanted to rent a boat and go cruising about. Maybe next time.

I have spent the last few days just chilling on the beach. Ray bought me a cool hammock and keeps it tied up in the shade for me. I lay there under the trees just steps from the ocean with a cool breeze blowing across me. Sparky isn’t too happy with the hammock but doesn’t want to get left home.

My friend Tina is coming to visit! She will be here tomorrow and will stay till Tuesday evening. I am really looking forward to her visit. She will be staying with us and will get to share in the camping experience. I want to take her to the turtle races!

Update!! Tina missed the plane! Will keep you posted.


Finally all settled in.  We finally managed to locate a couple of bikes yestereday.  Didn’t take long for me to feel muscles I hadn’t felt in years.  I will need to work up to the 8 mile round trip to downtown.

The temp dropped once we got here.  That seems to be happening where ever we go.  But, yesterday was lovely and today is suppose to have a high of 75!  Of course Ray saw on the weather channel that DC was suppose to get snow.  He was pretty jazzed about that.

We found a really cool place to go get coffee in the mornings.  Little joint right off of Duval Street.  We even managed to find a place to park the truck, quite a feat here, close by.

We did hear about this great butterfly conseratory.  We will be visiting that on Monday.  Once of the cruise ships is in dock and downtown is pretty crowded.

Arrived today, Tuesday the 7th, around 1pm.  80 degrees and the sun was shining.  Check in wasn’t too smooth but then again, this place really suffered a lot of damage in the hurricane.

We are in the over flow lot.  Places are marked out pretty clearly.  Cost is $9 a night.  We are within a short walk to the bathhouse and laundry.  If we take care we shouldn’t have to move but once a week to dump and take on water.

There is a small PX and Commissary.  Both are stocked well enough that outside purchases should not be necessary.

Got a recommendation from one of the staff on where to get a haircut for Sparky.  It was so hot today we felt sorry for him.  He has never been to a groomer, so I am not sure how he will behave.    We will find out on Thursday.

Made out first visit to the famous or infamous Duvall Street.  Must say I was disappointed.  Really reminded me of New Orleans without all the Jazz music. (Not a bad thing)  Parking is impossible.  We will come earlier next time and pay the $10 to park.  We want to see the “best sunset in the world”.

After the sun went down the temp dropped to 72.  Really felt a bit cold after the heat of the day.  Not like summer where the warmth lingers.  Took a shower and am now waiting for my turn with the TV.  Soapnet has AMC on at 8pm!  This is when I take Fox News and Law & Order away from Ray

More Later.

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