Arrived yesterday. After setting up the trailer, we had to turn on the air conditioning! Not quite short weather yet, but darn close.

Had dinner last night with Brian, our son, and got the tour of his house. Got a driving tour of Tyndall AFB. He was just too funny about his car. “Don’t touch the windows, don’t let Sparky put his nose on the windows, do you know how hard it is to keep these windows clean?” I can hardly wait till he marries and has children. Sticky fingers!! Puke in the car! I digress..

It is warm here, and we are just going to spend the week enjoying the ocean and our visit with Brian. Our site is only about 50 paces from the ocean. Nice. Very nice.

The campground where we are staying has 16 spaces. So far 5 guys have stopped by to “chat” with us/Ray. Me thinks they don’t have enough to do.