Arrived at Fort Benning, GA today at 2:00pm.  Not too bad a drive today.  It has been an overcast, with a bit of rain now and again.  This cut the glare of the sun.  Made it a much easier day on the eyes.  Drove about 287 miles today.  Traffic was light.

This campground is a destination!  One of the nicest campgrounds I have ever stayed.  87 campsites and many cabins in various sizes available for rent.  Pool, and showers!  Really nice location on the Chattahoochee river.  Nothing too close together.  Hookups in a logical and easy to access design.

Well, it hasn’t been a week and I am SICK of the truck.  Ray is still tolerant of my Closterphobia and the stress it is causing.  Will keep you posted.

Only have 160 miles to drive tomorrow.  We have reservations at Panama City NAS, and will be there a week.