Changed our minds (again) and decided to route through Fort Benning, GA. This added about 100 miles to the days travel. We left Cherry Point at 10am and didn’t stop till almost 6pm. Was a long day. The sun was glaring most of the ride and tended to make me a tad crabby.    Good thing is Ray knows how I get and just lets me be.

There is good news that came from this alternate route. We spent the night in Aiken, SC. We called up an old friend and had dinner with him. Ate dinner at Ryan’s. Was surprisingly good. Got a after dark quick tour of Akin. We found out he is moving to West Virginia soon.   Made a date to have us some crabs (Maryland Blue Crabs) this summer

Spent the night in Akin RV Resort. Don’t let the name full you. It was a dump. But, only $16.00 and not far off our route.