SparkyBeen a busy day with packing and visiting. Went to my sisters house to watch the Redskins game. (No surprises there) Only thing left to do is fill the fridge. Sparky was worried all day. Finally had to put him in his dog carrier, this helped. Left me with my hands free, and he knew he wouldn’t be left.

Got the PC’s (yes, more than one) loaded with the Verizon software. Got emails all set-up. Finally got Ray’s website (domain) added. Frontpage extensions loaded.

Ray ordered a pizza for me to share.  Asked me if I wanted to keep him company when we got in the car.  Answer:  “No, I am going to be with you for 90 days”  Hmm,  tact has never been a strong point for me.

Should get out of here by 10:00. Well, that is the plan.