Went to my sisters last night for dinner.  Broke a tooth.  Oh happy happy joy joy.  Made a panicked phone call to my dentist this morning.  Lucky for me, I got in.  Tooth fixed.  WooHoo!!  Ray signed us up for TRICARE Delta Dental and this little escapade only cost $33.

The plan was to have a “little lunch thing” today with my co-workers.  Well, I had to leave at 10am to race off to the dentist (see above).  So, my leaving just was pretty anticlimactic.  I did manage to remember to turn off my phone, and put an away message on my email.  Hopefully Christine will remember to “suspend” my account as requested.  I did ask her to mark her calendar to turn it back on in April.  (Yea, like that will happen)

Can’t believe that I am really going to be gone from work for 90 days.  Maybe when I don’t automatically wake up at 5am I will “get it”.